Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Gender Game.. It's a …...

GIRL! Billy and I found out Tuesday evening that we will be bringing a little girl into the world in late January / early February. And we couldn't be more excited. As any parent would be, I am already worried. Worried mostly that she will inherit the autoimmune diseases that run in my family, but I am really just too excited to let that get me down. If I have learned one big life lesson in this last decade it is to live each day to its fullest because who knows what tomorrow brings and it isn't worth worrying about.

The pregnancy is going so incredibly smoothly so far (knock on wood). The Lovenox shots have become so routine that the injections really don't seem any different than taking a pill. Plus, I have acquired some good fat on my body so that I can now actually inject subcutaneously (as opposed to straight into muscle as often happened before I was able to pack on the pounds). I have been having very routine ultrasounds and our little girl has been growing and maturing perfectly. We had our genetic testing done in late July and it all came back A-OK so that is another huge relief to us as we continue this journey. My health has also been great. The pouch is still acting up, as I expect it will throughout the pregnancy, but that is my worst complaint and to be honest, I don't even really notice it. I am feeling little flutters as she moves and it is shocking that I do not feel them more as on the last two ultrasounds she was incredibly active, sucking her thumb and turning in circles as she kicked her feet.

I apologize for not updating more frequently, but because everything has been going so well there was not too much to update on in August. In my next blog (to arrive within a few weeks I promise), I want to talk about natural birth versus C-Section for J-Pouchers. This is an area that is very poorly researched , most likely because of the limited number of women who give birth after J-Pouch surgery (this is not to say that it is not possible, but many woman may already have families, may be over a reproductive age, or simply do not want children. I hope I am proof to those of you with J-Pouches that it is ENTIRELY possible). I have decided to have a C-Section. Next blog, I'll explain why.

Thanks for all the comments and well-wishes on my previous posts! I love being in touch with other J-Pouchers, it makes the journey much less lonely.

'Till next time!