Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Pearce: Her Spin on Soccer & Surviving Sandy

It's been a while since my last update, but I blame Sandy entirely. She left us without power for eight days and scrambling to organize our lives until today. Her wrath lasted a full two weeks, but we're certainly the lucky ones as many have lost everything in our region. I was unable to reach my OB for seven days and the path to the hospital was ridden with fallen trees. Not a good two weeks to say the least. Thankfully, baby, Billy and I are all safe and healthy.

We are officially into the third trimester and this is nothing short of shocking and scary. Baby is coming soon! I've developed an irrational paranoia, topped with a debilitating anxiety disorder. Nesting instincts are also at full capacity. I suppose all of that is normal! However, in light of these new developments, I would make three recommendations if you happen to come across me:

1. Refrain from commenting on my spotty, acned skin. It makes me cry. A lot.

2. My weight is congregating in my ass. There is really no need to point this out.

3. I have developed ideas on parenting, breastfeeding, birth, and pregnancy that are based on well-researched medical advice. I believe these approaches to be the healthiest and best for both myself and our baby. If you disagree, keep it to yourself. Being lectured makes my eye twitch and my fists clench.

The baby is in perfect health and I am beginning to think she has inherited the Pearce and Orelli genes. These are the two sides of her family that don't get sick. Ever. This is really great news. She is still growing ahead of schedule, her anatomy is perfect, and she is keeping heart-healthy by practicing kickboxing from 8pm - 8am. Kickboxing is usually preceded by a four to five hour session of soccer. Not insignificantly, her makeshift soccer ball is my J-Pouch. This causes trips to the bathroom every 20 minutes and, often, great but fleeting pain.  I'm so relieved that she already has a healthy appreciation of the importance of cardio exercise, I just hope that when she is born she decides to readjust to a diurnal workout schedule. And get herself a real soccer ball.

The pouch-pouncing has even caused some bleeding at times, but all of these uncomfortable symptoms subside when she decides to take a nap or try a different activity. I have also been experiencing fairly severe sciatica pain and even some very unpleasant calf cramping. I don't think either of those common pregnancy symptoms prey on the J-Poucher in particular, but they suck nonetheless. I have had to cut back on my daily walking routine and I believe this is causing my hormones to rage. Endorphins were the only chemical keeping my body sane. I am told that almost everything else is off-limits.

Well, enough of the guff. The important thing is that my body is proving to be as resilient as ever. Being a J-Poucher has prepared me for these challenges more than I could ever hope for and these 6.5 months have been my healthiest in ten years. As moody as I am, I get ashamed when I find myself being ungrateful for this opportunity to carry life within my own. It was just last year that I was fighting to keep my own systems up and running and now I am strong enough to not only carry this little girl, but to allow her to thrive. My J-Pouch and my scars are daily reminders of just how lucky I am.

Since it has been so long since my last blog, I am posting two pictures below. The top picture is of a recent trip to the Nasher Museum at Duke University, taken at around 24+ weeks. The bottom picture was taken yesterday at 27+ weeks. I've really popped these past few weeks, wouldn'tchya say?


  1. First, you look beautiful and second, good for you! - parent/raise your baby the way you see fit!
    Andrea & Jason

  2. so proud of everything about you! you are going to be one terrific mommy!! .....Aunt Regina <3

  3. Hi! I recently came across your blog. I also have a j pouch (all surgeries competed from 2009-2010). I just had our first child this summer. I also had a planned c- section which went great. Way way easier than the j-pouch surgeries, plus you get a bundle of joy out of it!!! Congratulations!!!! Motherhood is wonderful!! It's the best!!

  4. Hello! Just came across your blog page.. It is so great to hear other people stories and event surrounding a common disease -surgery!