Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heading to OR tomorrow: Update Number 1

Ok- reporting as a very hungry pre-op patient over here, but I just want to throw out a few logistics. This blog initially started on Caring Bridge as an easy way to update friends and family when my parents, brother, husband and I have been too consumed with my care/surgery to effectively communicate with all of our loved ones (or too drugged, as in the case of the latter named). Anyhow- we'll be reviving that tradition over the next week, so come check out the blog for updates (though they will not necessarily be written by moi). Of course, please feel free to reach out to any of us personally as well, and we will all do our best to get back to you. Reaching out is always incredibly appreciated, and helps to keep our spirits up, even if you don't get a response I promise you it's lovingly accepted! Here is a basic account of what we know right now:

1. I'll be heading to the OR tomorrow morning (the 29th) around 11am at North Shore Manhasset hospital

2. I will be staying at said hospital for about 1 week

3. The details of my surgery are very vague. They will be removing the peritoneal inclusion cyst (which now logs in at 4 liters!), they will lyse adhesions from my small bowel and they will try to fix the source of these recurrent cysts, but they do not currently know what that cause is and, so, we are not exactly sure what we are dealing with as far as surgery length. We do know it will be an open laparotomy (this is the opposite of a laparoscopy, meaning my abdomen will be completely open to allow them better visualization). Unfortunately for me, this means a much longer recovery period and much longer hospitalization.

4. I am very, very hungry. Already. Seeing as I am not even 1/10th of my way through my NPO period, this is not promising (as far as my sanity goes, at least).

Anyhow- Just wanted to send out a pre-op update. If you'd like to reach out, this blog, my email, Facebook, my phone, text, etc. are all fine options, but do know that I will be totally incapacitated tomorrow and very likely incapable doing much of anything for many days thereafter. My focus will be on not watching food commercials, banning anyone from my room that mentions what they ate for breakfast, and trying to not get so pissed off when the nurses and my family shove the spirometer in my face every hour. But do know that your messages always put a smile on my face.

Love you all!


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