Sunday, February 1, 2015

Surgery Report & Little E


Apologies about the pretty big fail at updating here over the last four days. My sweet little Eva was hospitalized on Friday with a very high fever and dehydration and, as you can imagine, our world's have been flipped a bit upside down. Eva should be heading home sometime today, so everything is on the upswing over here!

As far as an update on me, my surgery did not go very well. My surgeons were very upset with the outcome, but the good news is that I came out alive and without major complication. The cyst was much larger and more complex than they had foreseen and, so, they were not able to remove it. The only way to remove the cyst is to remove the entirety of my gynecological systems, as well as creating a new j-pouch. The risks of doing this were much too great and so they decided to cut a hole in the cyst, drain four liters of fluid from it, and more or less hope for the best from here on out. The chances of re-accumulation of fluid and further complications due to the cyst are very great. The other downside is that removal of these gynecologic  systems would not guarantee that a totally different peritoneal inclusion cyst would not form, it would only guarantee that the current cyst would be cured.

Of course, this news brings a whole new host of health issues and decisions to tackle, but for now I am just focusing on healing over here. Been running fevers and my heart rate has been very high, plus I am not back on food yet, so I will be in this place for a minimum of another 1-2 days. It would be a great understatement to say that I am itching to get home to my baby girl.

So- in short, been a pretty terrible few days but it's only up from here!

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