Sunday, July 3, 2011

And…back again : (

After much coaxing from my fiance Billy, I was back in the ER again last night. I had been running fevers again since mid-afternoon and my temp had steadily climbed back up to a nice and toasty 102. I was having pain around the wound site and it looked infected again. After being in touch with the residents all afternoon/night, we all concluded that it was best to come back in just to be safe.

I have been given a few rounds of intravenous antibiotics and my fever broke and my WBC (white blood cell count) is down to a good and healthy range. Dr. Procaccino's associate, Dr. Calliendo, just came in and said, "well, this is totally up to you. Do you want to stick around here or no?" Did he seriously just ask me that question, I wondered? I obviously decided to get discharged. I should be out of here and back home by this afternoon. Dr. Calliendo seems to think that the abscess hadn't totally drained and it started causing fevers again last night and the infection in the wound site was the abscess draining again. But feeling much, much better so I think it should be totally safe to go back home. I had really been looking forward to spending this 3.5 day weekend with Billy, so it kind of sucks that we've had to spend half of it in the hospital, but I'm glad to got to see a beautiful fireworks show before I came back last night and I will indeed be home for the fourth. : )

And please spread word about our Benefit Concert for the CCFA, Guitars for Guts. We really need to get our ticket numbers up to make it a success and since I have been bed-bound more or less, it's been pretty hard to get advertisements out there so I'm depending on this good ole' blog! And remember, if you can't make it to the show, you can make a donation of any size to the fund here (100% of the proceeds will go directly to CCFA). And you can also add your friends to my facebook event! Thank you all for your ongoing support!!

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