Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home again, now let's make sure I stay here!

So two allergic reactions and three blown veins later, I'm home! I really thought I was going home yesterday morning, and the resident team had even gotten my hopes up when I saw them. "But, of course, only the boss can let you go home for sure." Well, the boss came in about 20 minutes later and crushed my heart. As the tears were welling up in my eyes, Dr. Procaccino wrapped his arms around my knees and frantically tried to comfort me. "Darling, darling. I love you, you know that. Bottom line is we need to get you out of here, but getting a call from my favorite patient and needing to tell them they have to go to the ER is my worst nightmare. I just need to make sure you don't have to come back here before I let you go."

He thought I could also use an extra day of the antibiotic Zosyn before coming home, and Zosyn is only given intravenously (I had an allergic reaction to the Vancomycin). Well, with all my great luck the IV nurses couldn't get an IV in. The one that had been in since the ER blew up my right arm to about twice it's size so they had to take it out. Then every subsequent vein they tried to poke collapsed. Thankfully, this made intravenous medication a bit more complicated than it would have otherwise been and so Dr. Proc decided to let me go home late last night. For once, my bad luck worked in my favor.

My nurse said that I was the talk of the floor the last two days, that the resident team couldn't get over how bad my luck is. Dr. Eskreis said, "you know Katie, you're making a very, very good surgeon look bad." He also advised that I show up to my wedding 10 minutes early just in case something happens on the way there. Dr. Procaccino joked, "I sure as hell wouldn't want to be standing next to you and a tree in a thunderstorm." And, sure, they're right. I have bad luck in a lot of ways. But thankfully all of these complications were short-term. The most important thing is that my J-Pouch is working like a gem and I am going to walk down the aisle on October 8th without a sign that any of this had happened. It will just seem like a bad dream. Although I must say, I am going to miss Dr. Procaccino's snazzy suit combinations. They always brightened up my mornings.

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