Friday, August 19, 2011

More Surprises, More Anesthesia, and a Wedding-Day Gamble

I now have an official Dr. Procaccino-given nickname; "The Sensitive Little Flower." And it turns out that The Sensitive Little Flower's anesthesia days are not over. After probing, picking, slicing, and dicing (while very much awake), Dr. Procaccino concluded today that I will need to go under the knife yet again. The date? Monday, August 29.

The abscess is still draining through my wound. This is good news as far as averting any emergency surgeries or hospitalizations. The bad news is that Dr. Procaccino has a hunch that this is all being caused by an abnormal reaction by my immune system to the stitch line in my intestine where the ileostomy used to be. He actually dug so far down today that he was able to retrieve a piece of the stitch that should have dissolved many weeks ago. The only way to get rid of this parasitic abscess is to open me back up and get rid of the stitches.

Now, let's hope this is the cause of all this so we can be done with it by Labor Day. There were some concerns that it could be something a bit more serious, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now I have to make sure that I am not passing gas through my abdomen, that I am keeping fevers at bay, and that I do not experience any incontinence with my Procaccino-made organ. Dr. Proc says that he keeps thinking about me being able to get in my wedding dress in October. Well, this Sensitive Little Flower may have some failing organs, but she's also bull-headed. Come October 8th, concerns over abscesses, anesthesia, and incontinence will have to be put on hold. Because whether it be Depends or  a "Property of the Groom" thong, my Sensitive Little Ass will be walking down that aisle.


  1. disgusting, hilarious, agonizing, passionate. haha love it katie, you're so full of character. sorry you're still going through with this stuff- you are delicate yet oh so tough

  2. Thanks, Dani! I find your blog to be super inspiring and it has really motivated me to write and share my experiences. You rock.