Monday, November 21, 2011

Damn, all I wanted was some damn turkey!

I was rushed to the hospital via ambulance on Wednesday night and diagnosed with a high-grade complete bowel obstruction. The nasogastric tube has been unable to resolve the issue, so I am headed to the OR around 11 o'clock today for an exploratory laparotomy (they will open up my old scar, so it will be an open surgery and they will correct the obstruction). Since they cannot be totally sure of what is going on until the open me, the surgery will be anywhere from 2-4 hours. Sounds like I will be in the hospital another week or so and the recovery will be around 1 month. Will write more detailed blog when in better shape.

F8*k. I really wanted some mashed potatoes and turkey on Thursday.

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  1. Thanksgiving comes every year.. a VIP room serving italian ices with a rock waterfall view only comes to those that are celebrities at LIJ!!! You can do this! I love you Ol lady Pearce <3 Loverin <3