Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 2 Post-Op

Day Two Post-Op:

I woke up from surgery on Monday afternoon, so happy to have lived through the procedure. They did a CT Scan on Sunday night and found some "disturbing" results and moved up my surgery to an emergency slot. It's a good thing they did, I had a piece of bowel that was dying.

My doctors and family let me stay blissfully unaware of this problematic piece of bowel for most of the day Monday. I was told by my doctors on Monday night that they will have to keep a very close eye on me, because around Day 5-7 Post-Op we may run into more troubles again. They were able to get rid of the adhesions that were causing the blockage (it was a High-Grade Complete Obstruction), but there was a piece of the bowel involved that was purplish, almost black and may require a resection of the bowel. He was not able to resect while operating on Monday because my bowel was much too distended, rendering the procedure too dangerous to perform.

So, while I am starting to feel better and hope I am on the road to a full recovery, I do nervously await Days 5-7 Post-Op because I REALLY do not need any more surprises. I have also been told that I am at higher risk for obstructions in the future because of this one, so I think this surgery is going to be perhaps the toughest one to tackle mentally. But, hey, I could be hit by lightning tomorrow so worrying doesn't seem logical (although much easier said than done).

Will update again when any significant strides are made. For now, I am still NPO (off food and water) and it has been one week now so I am starting to feel a bit grumpy. Looks like I will probably be NPO for  Thanksgiving too. Oh well.

Well, have a Happy Turkey Day everyone….and, please, be so very thankful for your health!

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