Monday, June 23, 2014

Abdominal Surgery #5 is Knocking: OR Bright and Early!

Ok, here we go! While I have been cursed with bad luck in many aspects of my life, I seem to always have the luck of the draw when it comes to O.R. times. Heading into NYPH at the crack of dawn tomorrow and scheduled to be wheeled into the O.R. at 7:30am. Already in the thick of my pre-op fast and already longing for a cookie. Sadly, I must bid adieu to good ole' F&B for quite some time, but if all goes well, perhaps I can celebrate the weekend with some Gatorade and then bring in July with a bang by indulging in my first nibbles.

I will try to coerce some family member or friend to update my blog tomorrow and Wednesday, but I am sure they will all be distracted and my ability to make threats or pleas will be limited. Though I know they are big fans of my blog because, when updated, they tend to get slightly less bombarded with texts and phone calls to tell the same story over and over. I LOVE that so many of you reach out during these times, though, so just because they can sometimes get stressed by the repetition, it shouldn't stop you from reaching out if you'd like to! Billy and Pops will be with me tomorrow, and brother M will be at some point as well. They'll be answering my cell, too. Though I am not a "believer," if you will, please pray that I get hooked up with some super posh penthouse hospital suite post-op.

Ok. Deep breaths. I've got this....

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  1. Katie, I am following your blog and hopeful everything works out for you today. My wife has faced many similar issues as you including colectomy /pregnancy/sbo issues and the surgeons at NYPH have been amazing. Look forward to your update.