Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post-Op Update

Ok, maybe I'll offer a short update. First time I've been able to flip the laptop open!

Surgery went very well. It was three hours long. The laparoscopy quickly turned into a laparotomy (meaning it went from scope to a midline vertical incision down the center of the abdomen). I had part of my small bowel resected and all of the fluid from the "cyst" was removed. They also removed a lot of scar tissue from my small bowel and my abdominal cavity. All in all, very successful, but not exactly "best case scenario" of no bowel resection/laparoscopic shorter surgery.

Things have been moving along slowly post-operatively. I was running a high fever, but that has been gone for more than 24 hours now. I am still NPO (no food or liquids), but had my epidural catheter removed from my spine this morning. Foley catheter has been out for a couple of days, too! Up and walking, not without support yet, but up and walking a bit nonetheless. Pretty severe abdominal distention still going strong, accompanied by now more severe pain (now that my "epi" is gone).

I was begging for a Sunday discharge, but that's not looking too likely at this point. Let's hope for Monday! I never like to see three of the same day of the week in the hospital in a row, and seeing how I was hospitalized for a few days the week before my surgery, if I wake up here on Tuesday that would mark the third Tuesday in a row being in this very uncomfortable bed! Aiming to minimize this hospitalization to 7 days- wish me luck.

I'll update upon discharge or if anything of significance happens. Oh- and I got the BEST SURPRISE VISIT EVER FROM THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON EVER TODAY!

For now- go get your Team Challenge on and kick this disease's a$$ for me, will yah?

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  1. You look great and someone looks very happy to see her mama! Feel good. Xo