Thursday, June 23, 2011

2nd Stage Done!

Hi Everyone,
Katie underwent the take-down procedure this morning for her J-Pouch surgery uneventfully.  Dr. Proc
even told the anesthesiologists and assistants how lucky they were to be working with her.  She is
resting comfortably in the PACU (recovery room) waiting for a bed to become available.

An interesting twist to today's events is the fact that Katie's grandmother was admitted to the same
hospital this morning and underwent a cardiac catheterization with stent placement due to a blocked
artery.  Katie who will be here for approximately six days asked if they might be roommates.  When
we told her Nanny would probably be going home the same day, (in the haze of her anesthesia) just
replied "bitch".   Anyway, we know she still has her sense of humor and will be back on her feet

I'm sure she will be up to writing within a day or two, so keep checking back.

Thank you all for your support through this long ordeal.  It means a lot to Katie and to our
entire family.

Mary Boccard
(Katie's mom)

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