Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Great news!! Actually, TWO topics of great news!

First off, we have finally booked the venue for our CCFA concert fundraiser!! We will be hosting the event from 3-7pm on Sunday, August 14th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg !! We are VERY excited about getting this venue. Please tune in to my blog posts for more information on buying tickets, which we hope to have posted by week's end. This event is a very, very special event to me as it will mark not only the end of my struggle with U.C. and the beginning of a new life, but will ALSO bring Iris Campo and her band, Roads, to NY to play for the event and I will finally get to hear her rock out. Iris also suffered from U.C. and after a scare with toxic megacolon, she met the same fate as myself and underwent three surgeries last year to remove her colon and create her J-Pouch. Having the opportunity to hear Iris play live (and hence, watching her overcome such an enormous struggle), will be a very moving moment for me, and I hope you all will be able to come see her play too. My brother's band, The Alphabets, will also be playing at the event and, hence, all of the musicians that are coming together to play on August 14th have been touched by this disease and will be performing for this common cause. I REALLY, REALLY hope to draw a big crowd and be able to raise money for CCFA so that others who suffer from Crohn's and U.C. might be able to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Now, as if finally booking a venue wasn't enough good news for today, I also had my CT Scan this morning and got fabulous results this afternoon. THE BLOOD CLOTS ARE GONE!!! I will only have to continue on Coumadin for another two weeks or so until my next surgery, which I should be able to schedule this upcoming Friday when I meet with my surgeon. So stay tuned, and later this week I should have a surgery date and a link to Ticketmaster where you will be able to purchase tickets for our exceptionally exciting concert fundraiser in August!!

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  1. Just found your blog -- thanks for writing! I'm scheduled for my first surgery on June 27 and other people's J Pouch blogs have been a lifesaver as I prepare for it. I'll be blogging about my own experience at knowguts.wordpress.com. Best of luck and speedy recovery with the take-down surgery!